5 Ways to Apply for Mortgage to the Bank in Indonesia

Not by chance, it turns out that there are several ways to apply for mortgages that are effective and have great potential to be approved by the bank. how? Instead of curious, let’s understand together!, Apply for Mortgage to the Bank in Indonesia.Realtors, skyrocketing house prices have caused most residents to turn to mortgages.

This is done to get the dream house; instead of paying with cash.

However, there are rules for applying for a mortgage, Apply for Mortgage to the Bank in Indonesia.

The most important thing is of course sufficient financial ability with the price of the dream house.

Not infrequently, mortgage applicants charge, or even lie about their financial ability to apply for credit.

Of course, the bank will immediately reject the application!

So really, what kind of efforts should be considered to achieve this goal?, Apply for Mortgage to the Bank in Indonesia.

Come on, follow the steps below for Apply for Mortgage to the Bank in Indonesia!.

5 Ways to Apply for Mortgage to the Bank in Indonesia

So. How Apply for Mortgage to the Bank in Indonesia.

1. Make sure the required documents are complete

Of course, applying for credit requires some documents that must be completed.

The more complete the document, of course the process will be faster.

Remember, it is better not to manipulate the data.

Especially regarding financial ability.

This will damage credibility, even if the economy is good.

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Don’t let this happen to you, ok?

2. Improve Financial Performance

Apply for Mortgage to the Bank in Indonesia

Before applying for a mortgage, make sure you don’t have any credit problems.

Pay off debt before applying for a mortgage, including credit card debt.

The reason is that Bank Indonesia has all the credit records of the entire population.

Therefore, before applying for a mortgage, you should solve all the problems related to the use of credit cards.

Also make sure you are never in arrears.

3. Realize Payability

Bank Indonesia has issued a new policy regarding mortgages, one of which is the down payment of a house that is not financed by the bank.

So, every mortgage applicant needs to provide a down payment of about 30 percent of the sales price.

Likewise, the ability to pay mortgage installments.

The installment amount is determined by the amount of credit, down payment, time period, and monthly fixed income ratio.

The average ratio set by banks is around 30 percent.

This means that the sum of all credit obligations, including mortgages, installments and other obligations, must be below that amount.

4. Choose the Right Home Location

how to apply for a mortgage

For Apply for Mortgage to the Bank in Indonesia, actually this is the first step that must be done before applying for a mortgage.

The location of the house you want to buy will determine the bank’s approval.

Usually, banks will reject any way to apply for a mortgage if the location of the property is not suitable.

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For example, near factories, gas stations, hospitals, in alleys, and cars cannot pass.

The mortgage application is also likely to be rejected if the house is located near a cemetery.

5. Choose a Bank Wisely

In fact, we have the right to apply for a mortgage at more than one bank.

As a result you can choose between a new bank, an Islamic bank or a private bank.

Usually these banks offer affordable mortgage rates with a relatively simple process.

However, if the application is made to more than one bank, you will lose some money in home appraisal fees.

Already understand how to apply for a mortgage above?

Cultivate a big intention to own a house from now on.

The reason is that real estate prices will continue to climb by a large percentage every year.

Come on, Realtors, stay motivated to get your dream home!

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Apply for Mortgage to the Bank in Indonesia, For all your real estate needs, basically we always will.

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