7 Best Property Insurance in Indonesia & Tips for Choosing Them

Property insurance is a must-have asset, especially if your property is in a disaster-prone area. Interested in having this insurance? Check out the best home insurance options and benefits here. So, Best Property Insurance in Indonesia & Tips for Choosing Them.Property is a valuable asset that must be purchased at a very high price by the owner, so this asset should be protected as much as possible.

One way to protect these assets is to register them with property insurance so that your home can be protected against unexpected events.

These unexpected events include natural disasters, weak building materials that easily collapse, robbery, fire, and many more.

Apart from the house, this insurance also applies to various other residences, such as apartments, flats, business premises, and residences purchased on credit.

For those of you interested in protecting your home, check out Best Property Insurance in Indonesia!

What is Property Insurance?

Property insurance is a form of protection for the home and its contents in the event of an accident or unexpected event.

In Indonesia, you can find two types of property insurance, namely fire insurance and property insurance all at risk.

Fire insurance focuses on protecting the home in the event of a fire risk.

While property insurance all at risk is protection against damage caused by various things, such as fire, lightning strike, explosion, plane crash, smoke (FLEXAS), typhoon, storm, flood, landslide, earthquake, strike, riot, riot, evil act of others, and etc, So Best Property Insurance in Indonesia for you know.

There are various benefits that you can get by using this insurance which are:

  • compensation in the event of house damage due to natural disasters;
  • compensation for damage caused by fire;
  • can replace lost, stolen or damaged property.
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Types of Property Insurance

Here are the different types of property insurance in Indonesia:

Home Insurance

Home insurance transfers the risk and financial loss that occurs in your home to the insurance provider.

This financial loss can cause damage to the home due to disasters, natural disasters and fires.

Not only provides protection for the physical condition of the home, this insurance also includes protection against the risk of accidents that may occur in the home.

With this insurance, you can be protected from legal action if someone is injured in an accident at your home.

Business Insurance

The next type is business insurance that protects business continuity or business interruption.

This coverage can help you replace temporary business income when your property is damaged by fire or natural disaster.

So you must know Best Property Insurance in Indonesia.

7 Best Property Insurance in Indonesia

Best Property Insurance in Indonesia

1. Alliance

Allianz offers the first best property insurance option, Rumahku plus.

This policy allows you to get compensation for damage to building assets up to Rp 20 billion.

Allianz also provides additional temporary accommodation costs and a death benefit.

The requirement you must meet to register for this insurance is that your residence must not be more than three floors.

2. Adira

For those of you who are looking for business property insurance options, Adira can be the answer.

Adira insurance policies offer cover for small and medium businesses or SMEs.

Not only does it cover the risk of building loss, there is also compensation for death or disability due to personal accidents.

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In addition, the owner can also get medical costs due to the fire.

3. ACA

ACA has a policy called Rumah Idaman, which is fire insurance that protects your home against fire damage and property loss.

Not only fire insurance, ACA also has property insurance all at risk which has office buildings and factories.


BRINS or BRI Insurance is the next option you can choose.

There are three options plan which you can choose ie silver, gold, and Platinum which come with different premiums and sums insured.

With this insurance, the owner can get compensation in case of fire, third party legal liability, death benefit and hospitalization compensation coverage.

5. Sinar Mas

The next Best Property Insurance in Indonesia is Sinar Mas which is Simas Ruko and Simas Rumah Hemat.

As the name suggests, Simas Ruko focuses on shop owners with compensation benefits for fire and property protection in the building.

Meanwhile, Simas Rumah Hemat++ covers home damage complete with compensation for permanent disability, death and accident medical costs.

6. AIG

AIG offers insurance for companies operating in medical, retail, manufacturing, educational institutions and commercial property.

This policy is suitable for those of you who have a large project to protect your property against natural disasters, fire and business interruption.

7. Avrist

Best Property Insurance in Indonesia other is The last best property insurance option is Avrist.

Avrist offers a policy all at risk which protects your home or office from various types of damage.

How to Choose the Right Property Insurance

Best Property Insurance in Indonesia, After knowing the various property insurance options in Indonesia, you just need to choose which one is the most suitable for your home.

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If you are confused, you can follow how to choose insurance correctly for this one:

Check Company Reputation

First, find out how reputable your insurance company is.

You can find out the reputation of a company by checking their product reviews on the internet.

Make sure the product you want to use is trusted and used by many people.

Know the Company’s Financial Health

The health condition of the company determines whether or not they offer insurance.

If the financial situation of the company is not healthy, then what guarantees that the policyholder gets his rights when making a claim?

Calculate Total Insured Needs

There are also some things you should consider before starting to apply for insurance.

One of them is the premium amount and the sum insured value.

If not calculated correctly, the insurance cannot cover the amount of money you need for your property.

Compare Insurance Policies

Many companies in Indonesia offer policies that look similar, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, it is important to compare insurance policies between companies and determine which one is the best for you know about Best Property Insurance in Indonesia.

Expert Consultation

Finally, if you are still unsure about your options, you can ask an insurance expert for help and this is Best Property Insurance in Indonesia.

Despite the high cost, help from an insurance expert can get you the best policy for your home.

May it be useful, for Best Property Insurance in Indonesia!

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