Miky Setiawan Home Decoration for Selfie Spot in Indonesia

Miky Setiawan’s house, a entrepreneur from Surabaya so simple but charming. Every corner can be used as a photo spot!. Miky Setiawan Home Decoration is very beautifull.

To have a selfie alias selfie interestingly, many people who voluntarily become children hang out in many places.

Go here and there, of course the money spent is not a little.

Actually there is look, another alternative to be able to have fun with less and less!

The trick is to arrange the house using certain decorative accents that make it look contemporary.

For those of you who like selfies selfies, This area can be used as place good luck, okay!

For example, a house Miky Setiawan the following for Miky Setiawan Home Decoration.

Miky Setiawan Home Decoration

Non-Moton Walls

The box-shaped house building extending to the back is dominated by gray, white, and black.

Very distinctive with an industrial feel.

However, Miky put a lot of details in some corners of the house so that the appearance of the home is not boring.

For example, on one side of the wall plaster, he made a pattern of lines and holes on its surface so that the wall looked like plastered concrete slabs.

Instead, he deliberately exposed the red bricks used as walls to give it a different look.

While in the master bedroom concept wilderness (full of leafy plants), Miky made a mural next to the wall.

The selected picture motif is very interesting and fresh, i.e. big green leaves.

Is it suitable as a background for taking pictures? Miky Setiawan Home Decoration is very beautifull.

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Classic Floor Tile Details

Mike Setiawan's house

Nowadays, patterned tiles and ceramics are loved by many people and are often used as photo objects.

friendly home selfie Miky’s property does not miss using it in the kitchen area at the back of the house.

He said, the floor used is a contemporary Santorini motif tile.

The color of the tiles is not bright, but the details of the motifs are quite numerous.

Thanks to that, the presence of tiles becomes a suitable combination to make the atmosphere of the room look more crowded.

Miky uses leftover tiles as a tablecloth in her kitchen.


Miky Setiawan’s house is full of indoor plants

open kitchen

In addition to floor tiles with lively details, Miky also adds color to his industrial residence with green plants.

Seen in some corners of Miky’s house, quite a lot of leafy green plants he placed.

The room in Miky Setiawan’s house also looks better fresh and ready to use for photos.

According to him, plants inner Flowering is no longer a trend.

Therefore, he chose to put good leafy plants that are in trend, such as banana leaves, monstera, and palms.

Miky Setiawan Home Decoration, Decorations look more photogenic and attractive when used as a background selfie.

In order not to bother taking care of the plants, he deliberately chose the type indoor plants.

Occasionally, he would dry his collection of plants in the shady backyard to keep them healthy.

It’s not difficult, right?

Jewel hunt

industrial living room

In this simple house, there are quite a lot of decorations that look unique and are rare in the market.

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Miky Setiawan Home Decoration is very beautifull for example, a bicycle frame sink, a large wooden mirror, coffeee table from reclaimed wood, and more.

These various things make the house friendly selfie deserves to be crowned for Miky’s residence.

He admits to getting home jewelry in the middle traveling both inside and outside the country.

One of the places he recommends is Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand.

Now he also often buys home decoration elements through the internet.

Wide Glass Doors and Windows


In addition to the beautiful, attractive and contemporary decoration, this house also has an amazing view.

Miky Setiawan Home Decoration In the evening, Miky can enjoy the sunset and sunrise from inside or from the balcony of his house.

That’s why he chose the front door and window of a large house made of glass.

“The house is ready dreams come true very Yesterday I went to a cafe in Malang, so I dreamed of having a more spacious house complete with a triangular roof chapel plus a grass garden in front of it,” said Miky.


I feel like joiningselfie have fun in this unique house right? Friend 99?

All the inspiration for structuring his home is often shared on his Instagram account @mikysetiawan.

So, This is Miky Setiawan Home Decoration so very very beautifull.

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