7 Ways to Care for Ornamental Fish in Aquarium So Long Live!

Ways to Care for Ornamental Fish in Aquarium, people of Wealth, knowing how to keep decorative fish in an aquarium to beautify the household requires special understanding, lol. Because the health of the fish must be constantly monitored. Want to know more? Check out the reviews through the following articles, yes.The care of ornamental fish in the aquarium can provide several benefits in addition to having a calming effect on the residents of the house.

Some people believe that keeping ornamental fish can bring good luck and can relieve stress.

In addition, the presence of decorative fish in the home also does not cause allergies and the way to care for decorative fish is quite easy to do.

According to a survey of pet owners in 2019-2022 conducted Pet Products Associationapproximately 13.1 million American households keep fish, making it the third most popular pet after cats and dogs.

Don Spaeth, a aquarist from petco.com who has experience in taking care of the life of freshwater and seawater fish for 40 years also revealed his tips. So, Ways to Care for Ornamental Fish in Aquariums So Long Live.

Some of them are choosing an aquarium, preparing the water conditions in the aquarium, the adaptation process, changing and maintaining the water.

Then, how to take care of decorative fish in the aquarium so that the house looks more fresh, beautiful, and soothing?

Here’s the review for Ways to Care for Ornamental Fish in Aquarium.

7 Ways to Care for Ornamental Fish in Aquarium

So How and Ways to Care for Ornamental Fish in Aquarium.

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1. Pay attention to the size of the aquarium

In his speech, Don Spaeth said that if the size of the aquarium can be adjusted to the type of ornamental fish that will be kept.

Ways to Care for Ornamental Fish in Aquarium, The size of the aquarium is important because if the wrong size is chosen, it can cause the fish to become stressed and die quickly.

Fish that are suitable to be kept in an aquarium with a size that is not too large include manfish, betta fish, guppies, and other small fish.

For this type of fish, the suitable aquarium size is 40 cm x 25 cm x 28 cm.

2. Acclimatization Process

When you want to keep an ornamental fish, don’t rush to have the fish swim in a new aquarium right away.

Let the ornamental fish you just bought go through the acclimatization process.

Ways to Care for Ornamental Fish in Aquariums, Acclimatization is the process of adapting fish to their new environment.

The trick is to leave the newly bought fish in the plastic in the aquarium for about 30 minutes.

Then open and slowly put the water in the aquarium into the plastic bag, after which the fish can be kept in the aquarium.

3. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the aquarium

Ways to Care for Ornamental Fish in Aquariums So Long Live!

Ways to Care for Ornamental Fish in Aquariums, Monitoring the cleanliness of the aquarium is very important for the survival of the fish.

At the very least, you should clean the aquarium and change the water once a week.

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Water conditioning in this aquarium is very important to support aquatic life.

4. Maintenance Support Equipment

To keep ornamental fish in the aquarium, it is equally important to have support equipment in aquarium care.

The ownership of supporting equipment is very important in the cleaning process so that it affects the efficiency.

The equipment that needs to be provided so that the aquarium becomes a comfortable “home” for the fish requires several supporting tools, including:

  • Filter or water filter
  • Water heater
  • Air conditioner
  • Aquarium lights

5. Fish Care Standards

Don Speath also mentions the standard of care for ornamental fish in the aquarium.

Some of them maintain the pH level or acidity level of the water.

For example, crayfish usually thrive when the pH level of the water is between 6.8 and 7.5.

6. Giving Appropriate Feed

After knowing the type of ornamental fish to keep, you can determine the appropriate food.

There are several types of fish food to choose from, such as liquid food that is sprayed, or powder food by seeding.

Not only that, there are also foods such as worms or pellets.

For small fish, it is a good idea to feed 4 to 6 times a day.

Sprinkle fish food in every corner of the aquarium evenly.

7. Observe the Development of Fish

Make regular observations of the ornamental fish you keep.

The health condition of the fish can be monitored from a visual perspective, lol.

For example, if the ornamental fish you are keeping shows signs of lack of appetite, then it could be that the fish is sick.

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If so, take then separate the fish and consult an expert for proper handling.

That’¬†Ways to Care for Ornamental Fish in Aquarium you need to know, Treasurer.

Hope this review is useful.

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